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Improve PyTorch App Performance with Android NNAPI Support
Speaker: Koki Mitsunami, Staff Engineer @ Arm

On-device machine learning (ML) enables low latency, better power efficiency, robust security, and new use cases for the end user. Currently, there are several ways to run inference on mobile, with many developers wondering which one they should use.

The Android Neural Networks API (NNAPI) is designed by Google for running computationally intensive operations for ML on Android mobile devices. It provides a single set of APIs to benefit from available hardware accelerators, including GPUs, DSPs, and NPUs.

In this talk, we will share our experience in running PyTorch Mobile with NNAPI on various mobile devices. We hope that this will provide developers with a sense of how these models are executed on mobile devices through PyTorch with NNAPI.

This talk is part of the bi-weekly AI Virtual Tech Talk Series: https://developer.arm.com/solutions/machine-learning-on-arm/ai-virtual-tech-talks

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Dec 14, 2021 04:00 PM in London

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Koki Mitsunami
Staff Engineer @Arm
Koki Mitsunami is a Staff Engineer in Arm's developer advocacy team. He's contributed to enabling a successful developer experience with Arm-based technology by building deep expertise in strategic technologies, and he's demonstrated multiple computer vision use cases on a variety of markets as well. Before joining Arm, he worked at Sony and developed computer vision systems with new type of image sensors such as Time of Flight sensor and high-speed vision sensor. He enjoys working on hardware, software, and algorithms.