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Getting started with Arm NN on Android, in just 5 minutes
Speaker: Ronan Naughton, Senior Product Manager @ Arm

Machine learning capabilities are now becoming commonplace in many Android applications. However, finding a solution which is both easy to use and performant is a challenge for many application developers. The Arm NN software solution meets the needs of this challenge. Arm NN provides best in class Machine Learning performance for Arm-based Android devices and can be simply integrated into your solution using Android Studio.
In this talk we will describe the setup, which takes just five minutes! We will also provide some helpful demonstrations of Arm NN performance across a number of common use cases.

This talk is part of the bi-weekly AI Virtual Tech Talk Series: https://developer.arm.com/solutions/machine-learning-on-arm/ai-virtual-tech-talks

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Nov 30, 2021 04:00 PM in London

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Ronan Naughton
Senior Product Manager @Arm
Ronan is a Senior Product Manager for Machine Learning Software at Arm with key responsibilities for on-device compilation solutions including Arm NN and Compute Library. He is passionate about unlocking the best possible Machine Learning performance on Arm based hardware and providing this performance in an accessible manner to the widest possible developer community. Having a strong background in the Fintech and security industries allows him to take an objective look at all machine learning problems, and to challenge the orthodoxies that exist in the industry today. Ronan holds an MSc in Product Management and an Bachelor degree in Engineering.